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Aero Leather Horsehide A2 Flight Jacket

Aero Leather Horsehide A2 Flight Jacket

Aero Leather Clothing produces the absolutely best A2 reproductions in the world. Hands down.

Their unequaled attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship results in a jacket that will last a lifetime and look better and better with age.

Every Aero garment is individual - a classic in its own right - each hand made by one highly skilled leatherworker taking a pride in his or her finished garment, not made on a time and cost saving production line.

List Price: $699.95
Our Price: $599.95
You Save: $100.00 ( 14%)


The Aero Leather Horsehide A2 is the top of the line. You simply can not buy a finer jacket, anywhere at any price.

The USAAF Type A2 leather flying jacket was undoubtedly the most popular garment ever issued to aviators. First standardized 9 May 1931, it became a classic during its long service life and remained in use in every theater of operations until long after W.W.II, despite discontinuation in April 1943. With such a range of replica Type A2 jackets on the market, some very good, some OK and some downright awful, careful judgment should be made in choosing which maker to use, the market is a minefield of information and misinformation. We offer an analysis to help with making the choice:

The original military spec called for horsehide with a silk inner lining.

Access from Military product list. Spec:

  • LEATHER - 3oz Vegetable Tanned spray finished Horsehide.
    Seal Brown, sewn in original Olive Drab Thread or Russet, sewn in Dark Beige Thread.
  • LINING - 100% Pure Spun Silk as per original USAC Spec sheet. color Rust, dyed to match remnant from 1937 Type A2.
  • JERSEY - 100% Pure 4 ply wool. Color dyed to match original W.W.II issue remnants.
    Rust (Aero Leather Clothing), Dark Berry (Cable Raincoat) Mid Brown (Unnamed Contract)
  • ZIPPER - Genuine USA made Talon Brass with W.W.II Style puller.

Extensive research and many years of manufacturing experience have gone into every aspect of the design and quality control of our jackets, to ensure that any garment bearing the “Aero Leather” label will provide decades of wear in the most hostile of environments and elements encountered in aviation, motorcycling, open top motoring and outdoor pursuits.

To ensure comfort, strength and durability in the harshest of conditions, Aero Leather Jackets are constructed from only the highest quality Steerhide or Front Quarter Horsehide, chrome tanned especially for use in the United States to the quality and standards of that produced during the 30's and 40's but now, sadly, almost extinct.

Horsehide has many unique properties, it is immensely strong and durable even in the extreme conditions and, unlike other hides, horsehide is naturally waterproof.

Aero Leather Seal Brown Horsehide A2 Flight Jacket

The Front Quarter Chrome Tanned Horsehide used in the construction of Aero Leather jackets was favored by manufacturers during pre-war years after the introduction, in the 1950's, of a law prohibiting horses being slaughtered for leather, hides became a scarce commodity and therefore expensive, resulting in tanneries phasing out horsehide production in favor of the more readily available hides such as steer.

US Government restrictions dictate that the slaughter of equine for hides was not permitted and as such the sourcing of hides must be from animals that have died from natural causes. This makes horsehide very scarce and as a consequence rare, which makes for an expensive raw material.

After expensive research, Aero managed to source the only tannery based in the States still capable of producing this unique hide to the original specifications, although today quality hides suitable for this type of tanning are still very scarce and so availability is very limited due to the fact that all our chrome tanned leather is sourced from “natural death” horses with no slaughter involved.

Every aspect of Aero is of the highest standard, the very best leather, selected and quality inspected by our technicians before they hand cut each individual panel. Then the lining is, again, carefully hand cut either from Alpaca wool, tweed, tartan, wool or silk. The leather panels and lining are then passed on to one of our sewing specialists who, on a traditional walking foot matching begins the process of constructing the item using stitching that is 3.25 times stronger than required. Once the item is built the specialist then puts his/her name to it and hands it to our Quality Inspector for the 28 point inspection that every item must undergo before leaving the premises.

Although rigid initially, an Aero jacket will, with wear, soften and mold to you own body shape, making it your very own unique and personal property. Also, through use your Aero leather jacket will acquire a patina of age, giving it character of its own which will distinguish it from any other jacket and look even better the more it is worn.

The same care and attention to detail that is applied to our Horsehide garments can also be found in our new 3oz Vegetable Tanned Steerhide range of jackets.

List Price: $699.95
Our Price: $599.95
You Save: $100.00 ( 14%)


Because each jacket is hand crafted upon order, custom sizes and measurments are available. Call us for more details at

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